-original_GR-logo-test-epsInvest in “His” Success is a tuition-assistance initiative aimed to provide young men in search of a brighter future with the financial assistance to achieve their academic goals. A donation of $165 covers the cost of one credit hour through our “Link U” – on online platform resulting from Men for Hope’s partnership with Pearson Education, the American Council of Education, and Graduate America. Eligible candidates are encouraged to submit their 3-for-3 application. To learn more about how you can invest in “His” Success click HERE.

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menforhope_uMen for Hope University is a comprehensive way of addressing the daily stress young boys and men go through on a daily basis. Many men are out of touch and unaware of their emotions. As young boys, we’re usually taught not to cry by a male figure who was told the same thing. This contradiction to the way we’re feeling can lead to a mistrust of emotions, failed relationships and families. Depression, lack of understanding, feeling alone, and seeking help in the wrong places can become a way of life without ways for a man to express or address his struggles.  Our goal is to provide individuals with the tools, resources, and programs to reap the rewards of    achievement, success, and self-fulfillment in all aspects of life.

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Fractured Triumph aims to re-position PURPOSE, POWER, and POSITION by deconstructing psychological, social, and emotional helplessness and reconstructing hope. From ages 18 to 25, young men are faced with insurmountable expectations from our culture to be independent, courageous, and strong as the future architects, leaders, and builders of our country’s future. But, how can young men meet these expectations when daily challenges misguide, mis-educate and mis-inform them to the point where one out of every three young African American males end up in the penal system by age 21? Negative and irrational beliefs have fostered a new truth that’s changed independence to dependence, courage to cockiness, and strength to weakness.   How do we re-position, restore, and reeducate our Young Men of tomorrow? By changing a fractured past into a triumphant future with education and elevation!

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AC4P Policing is a program of the National Center for the Prevention of Community Violence in conjunction with Men for Hope and MyDAD.org.  AC4P stands for “Actively Caring for People.” This process has been researched, implemented and proven successful in various settings across our country and the world. From industry to educational and community settings, AC4P Policing introduces this process to police officers around the country. AC4P Policing aims to bridge the divide between the community and law enforcement. By training officers on how to deliver positive consequences in ways that help to cultivate interpersonal trust, actively-caring behavior reconnects police officers and citizens.

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