Fractured Triumph is an e-learning platform aimed to re-position PURPOSE, POWER, and POSITION by deconstructing psychological, social and emotional helplessness and reconstructing hope.  From ages 18 to 25, young men are faced with insurmountable expectations from our culture to be independent, courageous, and strong as the future architects, leaders, and builders of our country's future.  But, how can young men meet these expectations when daily challenges misguide, mis-educate and mis-inform them to the point where one out of every three young African American males end up in the penal system by age 21?  Negative and irrational beliefs have fostered a new truth that's changed independence to dependence, courage to cockiness, and strength to weakness.  How do we re-position, restore, and reeducate our Young Men of tomorrow?  By changing a fractured past into a triumphant future with education and elevation!

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