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Through strategic partnerships, Men for Hope created “Link U” to promote education and self-fulfillment. A donation of $165 covers the cost of one credit hour through our “Link U” program.



“LINK U” is a self-paced online learning program that allows students to master academic courses at their own pace, using award-winning content and academic support provided by Pearson Education.

“LINK U” provides a fully supported, self-paced course option to students who are balancing a full-time career, unable to register for fully booked classes, or those simply seeking to benefit from more flexibility when earning college credit.

Once enrolled in the “LINK U” course, students are supported with an ecosystem of academic advising, on-demand tutoring, and technical support. In addition, the “LINK U” experience uses behavioral triggers to improve the supported nature of the experience. For example, if a student signs up for a course and fails to log in and complete coursework within one week, the academic advising staff will contact the student to offer support, help and advice. In addition, the sophisticated platform offers students built-in functionality that acknowledges positive work progress (assignments completed with a good score) as well as the need for improvement, in terms of completing assignments in a timely fashion and earning a passing grade.

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Free Online Tutoring
Students should be able to get tutoring help when, where, and how they need it—and without a huge cost burden. With free, online academic tutoring services from Pearson Smarthinking, students receive on- demand, individual instruction and support from expert tutors across a wide variety of subjects.

With student success as our primary focus, we are committed to providing our students with optimal tutorial services. Our tutors consist of a diverse group of educators and professionals with no less than nine years of experience, on average. In fact, 90% of Smarthinking tutors hold advanced degrees in their respective field. Research shows that tutor training improves outcomes. As such, all Smarthinking tutors are required to complete an intensive training and certification program.

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“LINK U” is not an accredited institution and cannot award credit. Through our partnership with Pearson Education and the American Council on Education (ACE) — an intermediary between universities and industry that makes recommendations to universities on work and life experience regarding the number of credits universities should award a student based on this experience—we ensure that students receive the credit hours they desire. ACE has thoroughly reviewed the “LINK U” courses and makes recommendations to universities for all “LINK U” courses. Most of the courses receive a 3 lower division- semester credit hour recommendation; however, some courses receive a 3-credit upper division credit recommendation.  CLICK HERE to review the list of ACE accredited colleges and universities.

“LINK U” has a growing library of general education and introductory college courses, as well as workforce education courses — designed to get people back to work and help advance their careers.